Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fruit Faces

 This week we learnt out Fruits and with them made some funny faces.


 For Easter craft we made our own baskets which we decorated with cut out drawings of eggs and filled with green crate paper to look like grass. We also made gift boxes for the parents with decorated eggs on the front. At the end of class we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Animals in the Wild

We stared class using a dot painting technique used by the Aboriginals for creating paintings of their wild life.  We choose animals native to Australia like Kangaroos and snakes. After we created a jungle collage using colored crate paper the  cutting out sticking and coloring jungle animals.
At the end of class each week we have 20 mins to relax and play some games together. Here the kids are playing a game where they have to collect what is on their shopping list.

Autumn Trees

Here in Rio we dont really have seasons its more like very hot summer then less hot summer ! But I do like to do some creative work on seasons as there are some great projects to do . Here the kids used chalk crayons to draw the trunk and branches of a tree the they used sponge paint to make the colored leaves.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Christmas Crafts

Christmas craft is my favorite as there are so many great things to make. We stared the class making print angels which we would later cut out and put a string through so they could be hung on the christmas tree. Then we made a winter snowman scene using colored card and cotton wool. Lastly the kids choose to either make a 3D Christmas tree or a father Christmas from a toilet roll.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


As the month was October I thought Monsters would be a good subject to have . The kids made their own monster masks using paint, crayons and sticking one sequences. After that they did a lot of cutting to make a hanging monster with many arms and legs. My daughter loves to have her monster hanging on her room door knob.


As most kids seem to love Pirates I thought we could make a full class of it . We started by making large pirate paintings with a cut out ship, then using lollie sticks for the mast. Afterwards we made our own treasure chests by covering small boxes in lollie sticks [ so many uses ! ]. Once the glue had dried we painted the boxes and finished by adding a lock. Those who had some left over time got to make a sword by covering already cut of cardboard swords with tin foil .